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Written by Lennert Holvoet   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 14:24


Name PhytExponent (oral administration) 


• Allium sativum 
• Triticum repens 
• Echinecea purpurea 
• Viola tricolor 
• Matricaria chamomilla 
• Alcohol 63% v / v to 1 ml 

Dosing, use and packaging 
This product is an alcoholic plant extracts, packaged in a bottle of 100 ml, equipped with a built-dropper. 
Unity of the drops: 50 μl (20 drops representing 1 ml) 

Therapeutic group 
PhytExponent stimulates the natural immune system 

Distributor and producer 
Pharma Path s.a.r.l. 
Rue du commerce 27 
8220 Mamer 

Designated by: 
PhytExponent proves its efficiency by improving the immunity

How to apply the product: 
Shake before use. 
The normal daily dose is 1 drop per kg body weight. 
This dose should be divided into 3 portions: morning, afternoon and evening 
Dilute the product in a cold drink because certain plant ingredients are heat labile. 
Example: for a body weight of 75 kg take 25 drops morning, 25 afternoon and 25 at night. 
PhytExponent should not be diluted in drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, tea and certain soft drinks. 

Noted (side) effects: 
To date, the following additional positive effects found 
• A weight increase in debilitated patients 
• At the start of treatment, symptoms of mild diarrhea occur. This requires, however, never discontinue treatment. 


Interaction with other medicines 
So far, no interaction was found. A possible interaction with drugs can not be excluded. 

Circumstances in which this product is inappropriate: 
So far, no contra indicative 

From driving and operating machinery 
The fact that PhytExponent a high percentage of alcohol (63%) contain must be taken into consideration. 
Although the daily dosage is some hyper-sensitive patients to reduce their driving experience or accuracy. 

Pregnancy and lactation 
In the absence of sufficient data is the use of PhytExponent inappropriate. 
Medical monitoring is needed. 

Known symptoms of overdosage and particulars of the treatment 
In case of very weak immunity the dose can be doubled, even tripled, with no indication of overdose. 
However alcohol effects must be considered. 

PhytExponent is an alcoholic extract of several medicinal plants and herbs contain active ingredients. 

Retention Rules 
The product keep cool, 
In normal use (tempering equipment 20 to 25 ° C) is no activity reduction observed. 

The expiry date is mentioned on the bottle 

Last update of this manual january 2022

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